Friday, July 30, 2004


The learning journey continues...

Well, the last few weeks have been really hectic leaving me little time to reflect.

Reflection forces us to take stock with regards our actions and check out the things that worked well and those that could be done differently next time (see post about reflective practice earlier on in this blog). We can review the recipe and consider similarities between approaches applied in different contexts. Not simply to imitate so-called 'best practice' but to also adapt 'good practice'; avoid 'worse practice' and create 'novel practice' from various scenarios.

It is also a way to stretch our thoughts - often referred to as 'thinking outside of the box'

With this in mind comes my current challenge, as a STAR SERIES MODERATOR on the international Knowledge Management discussion forum run by AOK Association of Knowledgework not to be confused with my other business venture KnowledgeWorx providing online KM tools for business.

I was invited to moderate (facilitate) an online discussion board for two weeks from 26th July to 6th August, by Jerry Ash, a highly intelligent (well he must be if he invited me) former US senator, recently commissioned to be a features editor for international Knowledge Management Journal published by the ARK group

My chosen topic for the two week period, Operational Knowledge Management (OKM), generating discussion as to the application of theoretical constructs and tools as well as providing examples of case studies of practical application of KM in various organisations and hopefully receiving same from AOK readers.

To participate in the discussion forum send an e-mail to Jerry at saying I sent you - and he will outline how you can come and join the party.

These two weeks (at the height of the summer holiday period) are likely to be the most challenging of the year so far, so wish me luck, come and join the discussion and help me to swim rather than sink..