Sunday, December 18, 2011


The learning journey continues...

I have been working as a Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster in London since 2004 and still enjoy every minute of my time there.  I love speaking to my Post-Graduate students through my lectures, though these tend to be more like conversations with some theoretical constructs thrown in for good measure PLUS a good dose of practical application.

One of my favourite times in semester 1 is watching my students present back their findings and research in a special 'mini conference'.  They choose from across a range of interesting topics to do with Learning and Development and this forms part of their formal assessment.  Here I am setting the scene last Friday for one such assessment day talking about the future of Human Resource Development.

A great day was had by all, especially when they got the formalities over and could relax a little.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


The learning journey continues...

I am awake early this Sunday morning to get a few work things done before some very dear friends that we have known for years arrive here for lunch for our annual pre-Christmas 'get-together'.

Little did I know that I would be woken up by just two most wonderful gifts, that have certainly brightened the still dark skies outside.  We all know how lovely it is when people say nice things about our work.  We are told to ask former clients to comment about our work with them, I am no different, however, I often forget to ask my clients to do this.  Yes, shock horror, I do forget, and I know that those of you who teach small business marketing techniques and bestow the virtues of  capturing as many testimonials as you can, will be holding their hands high in the air and crying "no, that is not how you are supposed to do it"

So imagine my delight and surprise when I went to my computer this morning to find, not one, but TWO, completely unsolicited testimonials!

The first is from a lady who has just completed her dream, to create an audio book about breathing techniques for asthmatics which will help them control their condition.  Here is her lovely email to me...

HI Józefa

Hope you are well, I know you have not asked for a testimonial from me, but I would like to provide one anyway:-)

Józefa has been instrumental in supporting me in getting my first audio out for public distribution, her support throughout has been professional and she brings with her a depth of experience and knowledge of vocal training and enterprise support.  I am truly grateful to Józefa for helping to turn an idea into reality, and for supporting the essential first steps of turning an distant dream of reaching out to many into a real possibility.  Thank you Jozefa.  

Gurmit Kaur

The second, is from just the most wonderful, unique and thoroughly amazing British commecial poet, Amy 'I Want A Poem' Catherine.

Here is the short film that she made for me...

Words cannot describe how wonderful it feels to be appreciated, especially when you work independently as I do and not for a large organisation surrounded by work colleagues affirming your value on a regular basis.

Having a few really meaningful testimonials freely offered are worth more to me than a whole clutch of them that I have asked for along the way.  Thank you so much Gurmit and Amy - you have truly made my day :-)


Tuesday, December 06, 2011


The learning journey continues...

Looking back to June this year, it is hard to believe exactly how much has happened to me since I last posted here on this blog, and how far I have travelled, just take a look..

UK to Riga, Latvia in August (1800 miles); Latvia to Moscow, Russia in September (555 miles); Moscow back to UK (2182 miles); UK to Madrid, Spain in October (2690 miles) and back again.  Then UK to Dubai, UAE in November (4770 miles); Dubai to Abu Dhabi, UAE, FOUR times back and forth (368 miles) and then finally Dubai, UAE home to UK (4770 miles)


In each of these exciting venues I have been developing a series of products and services offered from my brand new JozefaVO website and managed by my PR and International Bookings Agent, Sarah Mercer who is based in Barcelona, Spain.

In Eurofortis, Riga, Latvia

In Riga, I was with the Eurortis team and we laid down tracks for my first, soon to be released, audio learning programme in Latvian.  These programmes are designed to help individuals learn how improve the quality, impact and effectiveness of their business voice.

Here are my Latvian recording team