Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The learning journey continues...

As part of my continuing learning journey I am often in deep discussion with individuals and clients alike about what it means to be a Learning Organisation. Is this an unattainable goal or do organisations really stand a chance to benefit from their existing expertise to further business improvements, reduce risks and enhance quality control?

E.C.L.O (European Consortium for the Learning Organisation) - the longest serving Community of Learning in Europe - certainly believe that this is a concept worth fighting for and encourage individuals from around Europe to join and develop a deeper understanding of what makes a organisation learn from itself.

This year, I have again been invited (with my colleague from KnowledgeWorx) to speak at their 13th International Conference which focuses on 'Creating Capacity for Change' the four key strands are:
  • Understanding Organisation Dynamics (academic papers)
  • Organisation Dynamics in Action (working case studies)
  • Leadership and the capacity to change (leadership and management)
  • Facilitating the capacity to change (corporate universities and other innovative tools)

As a member of the conference committee I can tell you that there are some exciting proposals for the programme outline. In addition to the conference E.C.L.O is also revamping its Academic and Professional Practice Board who are already working on developing a variety of very intersting research projects for 2006.

It seems like the LO concept is NOT dead in the water and with this European emphasis more organisations from the corporate and academic worlds as well as consultancies and the public sector remain committed to explore new directions for successful business and people development in a learning organisation perspective.

Józefa @ The POL Experience
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The learning journey continues...

As a part-time lecturer, I am now embracing the start of another academic year, you know it is easy to forget that tutors can also gain so much from teaching such eager and enthusiastic Post-Graduate students. Many of my students are part-time, balancing a busy job during the day and then studying until 21.00hrs at night twice a week however, they come to class with smiles on their faces and a level of energy that makes the evening appear to just fly by.

Some of us have of course been there and done that ourselves and so can empathise with the tiredness and the frustration of trying to fit it all in within the extended working day.

Still - that aside - I had 11 eager students on Monday [with more to follow in the next two weeks] on this HRD specific 'Management Development module', and I am certainly looking forward to some healthy debates each week.

In my opening address I directed them here to learn about blogging, so if you have made it and are reading this posting - welcome!

Hopefully this PG programme will increase the profile of HRM & HRD as bona fide professions in their own right, then HR can finally start to have a real influence on business development issues as well as improving people management skills in the workforce.

We have a long way to go, but it will be worth it!

Józefa @ The POL Experience

Sunday, January 01, 2006


The learning journey continues...

After a few weeks of eating, drinking and being merry it is time to pull in those waistbands, make and break those New Year resolutions and start to ponder what the next twelve months will bring.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!