Friday, August 06, 2004


The learning journey continues...

Phew! These last two weeks have been the amongst the most challenging this year. Today is the last day of my moderation at AOK STAR SERIES discussion forum (as mentioned in previous entry).

What a wonderfully rich discourse with some of the most influential KM practitioners and theorists in the business.

I cannot deny that I was a touch nervous about such an exchange, particularly as I mainly practice at an operational level with a variety of clients, the majority of which tend to be in the NHS. However the support I received from all of those who participated was very much appreciated.

Hey, I might have got a taste for this now and who knows, having hosted a similar discussion on KnowledgeBoard at the beginning of the year and now AOK, where next?

As part of my ongoing research into the interdependencies between KM and Organisational Learning and Development, I issued AOKers with a survey which will be collated, written up and then feature as an article the international Knowledge Management Journal

To participate in the survey send an e-mail to me at with AOK Survey in the subject line and I will forward a copy to you.

I am now off on for a well earned rest with my children to sunnier more after the 22nd August.

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