Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The learning journey continues...

Working with my son, James D Fawcett is just another step in my journey towards my becoming a more established VO talent for audio books, trailers, radio, online tutorials etc...

As an aspiring actor, James also realises that his voice may well be his fortune in years to come and therefore has agreed to join me on a project and become the voice of "Devan Stiles", a fabulous new character in the book The Light Direction devised by the absolutely brilliant Ces 'Creatively' Loftus.  In fact, Devan has actually been based upon James - so that he can play this character in the forthcoming film of the series!

This is a brand new and exciting opportunity for us both.  Here is one of the promo posters, featuring James and myself as part of the creative team for this incredibly unique novel series

 Maybe this will be the start of a whole new adventure with 'ma boy' :-)