Tuesday, March 30, 2004


The learning journey continues...

I find myself spending more and more time online taking part in many different discussion boards and posting all around the world. This can take hours and hours, sitting in my kitchen office at home, whilst 'family' life goes on around me.

I enjoy meeting people and so what better way to travel around the world without leaving my home and family commitments, however, many of the people I meet when teaching or presenting have never tried this before. If you click on the sub title of this posting, you will get a link into one of the boards that I have been using a lot just lately.

KnowledgeBoard is a European KM Forum that has a wealth of exciting and thought-provoking discussions around Knowledge Management. Don't whatever you do be put off by some of the language, there are some passionate people who post there, but look beneath this and there is much to learn.

If you wish to let me know how you got on or wish to start to contribute to this blog as an invited guest member then mail me on:


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