Sunday, April 18, 2004


The learning journey continues...

This summary is taken from a posting on one of my many online network sites and refers to an article called 'The New Leaders' by Tom Heuerman.

This offered much food for thought as I work through the development of a new short programme of leadership training…see what you think.

".... New principles to live by emerge for us. My principles serve as lenses to experience life through:

1. I can only control my own choices,
2. I believe in something greater than myself,
3. I live my deepest authenticity,
4. I am honest with myself about myself,
5. I share myself with another person,
6. I take action,
7. I choose a life of service,
8. I am aware of my impact on others,
9. I revere all living things,
10. I reflect on my actions,
11. I communicate with that which is greater than I,
12. I share my learning with others.

The reward of this hard work is a shift of thinking, understanding, feeling, being, and behaving that is internalized and endures. Then, for leaders, instead of relying on mindless, mechanical formulas for meaningless change, aware leaders will be in a position to utilize their wisdom, maturity, and judgment to do the appropriate thing, in the right way, at the right time, to fit the unique reality of their organization."

Just click on sub title of this post to read more from Tom Heuerman's online newsletter. It certainly makes you think about how this 'New Leader' would compare with the 'Old Leader' and what kind of changes might be needed at organisational level to accomodate this type of change?

Have a good week,

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