Friday, June 18, 2004


The learning journey continues...

Wow, what a week I have had.

I have spent three days in the company of some of the most innovative and respected brains in the KM arena.

Names like Dave Snowden, Larry Prusak, Steve Denning)

1. Families, clans, tribes and hoards (you just had to be there!)
2. Self-organising teams
3. Social Network Analysis
4. Innovative behaviours
5. Social and Value-added networking
6. Order and un-order in complex environments
7. Coaching to transform KM performance
8. Storytelling for action
9. Use of narrative in mapping
10. Systemic interventions using constellations

On their own, these were more than worth the investment in time, add to that the continuing discussions over evening drinks that I was able to have with Dave, Steve, Marcus, Verna (thank you so much for signing your book) and David - then all in all a wonderfully stimulating knowledge-sharing experience.

Thank you all, and see you in Amsterdam 8th - 10th November 2004 at KM Europe 2004.

(For information about KM Europe 2004, click on sub title at top of this posting)

Now to apply this thinking to my current work projects....ah ha!

The POL Experience

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