Monday, September 06, 2004


The learning journey continues...

Well, that's done....both kids off to school this morning heralding the end of the summer holidays for 2004.

We have such strong memories of our school days given that they take up so much of our young lives, I especially want my two to have good memories so as to underpin the way they approach learning in the future, and in particular Lifelong Learning, for when they start their working lives as I know from my experience how important this is.

After a lively discussion, at dinner with friends last week, about the apparent failure of the British education system over the last 30 years and the emotional highs of this morning I find myself reflecting upon the work I am currently involved in (developing a scheme to help the unemployed in one small part of London to get jobs). Many of the applicants forms that I see make me think that perhaps they have long since forgotton the basics from their school days - if indeed they mastered them in the first place. This is all too apparent from the numbers that do not make the entry level grade in basic literacy and numeracy - a minimum requirement for many of the positions they want.

These job hopefuls however, can now get help with everything from pre-employment support and training in communication skills, assertiveness, interviewing etc., as well as the opportunity to refresh or re-learn their Key Skills to equip them with what they need to help them survive in business life.

How to get this message across to my two youngsters who have yet to realise the importance of school life - ah now that's a hard one. I picked up a nice quote from the presentation at my son's secondary school that emphasised the need to use what is being learned so as to avoid losing it - maybe this is where I can start.

"The great aim of education is not simply knowing, but taking action"
Herbert Spencer - 19th Century, theorist and educationalist

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