Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The learning journey continues...

If you do nothing else this year then do investigate a wonderfully inspiring event called 'Be the Change' due to take place in London between 5th & 7th May 2005. This second event will again bring together individuals and organisations at the forefront of change to address some of the urgent issues facing humanity today - in our environment, our communities, our economic system, in our very consciousness.

At the 2004 event, the words and deeply moving presentation from Hafsat Abiola, Human Rights Activist from Nigeria and Founder/Director of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (KIND) could not have failed to inspire.

"The only way we can solve problems is when we actually say yes to the unreasonable ideas that form in our minds, that will give us new experiences that will help our mind become a different mind"

Visit their website and view the 10-minute preview from their 2004 conference and more information about this years's event, and maybe see you there?

Józefa @ The POL Experience

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