Monday, May 02, 2005


The learning journey continues...

So often we find ourselves coming up with ideas regarding things that we would love to do, some needing just us and some needing the support of others to fulfil these dreams.

In our personal lives as well as our business lives commitment features strongly and without it momentum and motivation is lost and slowly the idea dies. As someone who is just in the process of starting up a new organisational venture, I find myself dependent on the commitment of others to make it work.

Which is why I was so encouraged to read the set of 5 guiding principles from a group of young individuals calling themselves 'Pioneers of Change'

Their five principles are centred around:
  1. Be yourself
  2. Findwhat really matters to you
  3. Start now
  4. Engage with others – don’t go it alone
  5. Never stop asking questions

In terms of 'engaging with others' they go on...

"Engage with others.. Connect with something bigger than yourself. Search for those who are working on similar or related things, share ideas with them,ask them for help and work with them where useful. Be willing to offer them help when they need it as well. Engaging with others is about engaging with those who share your visions, but also about engaging with those who think differently from you and are doing something that may seem completely different and unrelated. Engage across diversity, for that is how we learn. That is how we will create and make new discoveries. If you cannot engage directly with those who conflict with you, then seek to understand and to learn from your differences and work based on that learning. Engaging with others is about recognising interdependence. And about practicing humility."

Perhaps,one final addition to the above, as this takes time to develop and nurture is - have patience and understanding and allow others to catch up in their own time.

Commitment it seems really IS our greatest resource, and as such we should use it well.

Józefa @ The POL Experience

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for your comment, and of course you are so right, maintaining commitment on an ongoing basis is the real difficulty.

I am delighted that you have agreed to become a 4XP Co-ordinating Partner in Kent and suspect that this issue will be on the agenda once you have started to build your CoPart [see]over there.

Remember, we are in this together and so can help and support each other in this new and exciting initiative.