Thursday, August 11, 2005


The learning journey continues...

Time for just a short post during what is turning out to be a typical English summer.

Time to stop and reflect upon the things in life that really matter - like family and friends and work colleagues based all around the world.

Time to make contact again with the long list in my address book, in my distribution list on MSN IM, and Skype and in the many discussion forums that I frequent. All to often time and work prevent such luxurious and thoughtful communication. The norm is usually just a quick-fire question, response and a goodbye!

Time to stop and take stock of my own personal development and the future direction for POL.

Time to nurture and develop new initiatives and exciting new projects and explore others' new ideas, like Fiona Robyn and her blog entitled 'a small stone'

So, slowly sipping my Pimms and Lemonade, watching the kids playing happily together in the garden, counting fluffy clouds as they go by, I am taking some TIME out for me!

Enjoy your summer everyone..back soon!

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