Friday, October 07, 2005


The learning journey continues...

Well it is precisely three years today (7th October 2002) that I set up as an independent learning practitioner operating through The POL Experience and what a jam packed three years it has been.

So many different clients, a wide variety of international conference speaking events, exciting learning opportunities, blogging and the chance to share my range of learning and knowledge development expertise with a wide range of readers from across UK and Europe.

Talking about this blog, I started it in February 2004, and so far have had 326 visits from people across 33 different countries reading my postings on a regular basis (see last posting SO WHO ARE YOU).

I am now eagerly looking forward to many more years of building upon this success and finding ways to improve it all the time. My newest addition is a brand new 'virtual me' (and yes, that is my real voice). Turn up your volume or load a sound card and you will hear what I have to say. Just be aware that if you click from one posting to another on the blog, I WILL keep popping up again and again, if you get fed up of this, just turn the volume down!

So go on, help me celebrate my first three years by spreading the word of this blog to maybe another 300+ readers. Just send the URL to just ONE person you know that would find the contents helpful to further their own personal and/or organisation's training & development plans.

And, as a very special thank you for helping me to continue to spread the word about exceptional and effective organisational learning and development practice, any contacts or referrals you instigate that result in a client commissioning work from me will earn YOU 12 weeks personal eMentoring support in any areas that link to Learning & Development, Training Design & Delivery or Management Development - totally FREE OF CHARGE (normally worth £300).

Now that's an enticement to spread the word, isn't it?

Just send me an e-mail stating who you have recommended me to and I will contact you if they purchase one of my 'Training the Trainer' learning programmes or contract some interim/temporary learning and development support. Then you can start to think about what eMentoring support you might need from me, it's as simple as that.

Many thanks and keep coming back to read this blog.


Please note that I have had to take drastic action to prevent anyone from posting comments on this weblog. This goes against my better judgement but is due to various parties abusing this system and flooding it with unwanted and highly unsuitable and material. If you would like to make a comment, then please still do so but send me an e-mail to and I will post this on your behalf.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jozefa,

Well done on 3 years in the wilderness of leafy Buckinghamshire while colonising the blogospehre and conquering cyberspace!

May you continue to enjoy your learning journey and the company you keep. I wish you many serendipitous encounters and lots of fun work.

With best wishes for the future

Lilly Evans