Monday, September 24, 2007


The learning journey continues...

Visiting my blog again after such a long time away made me realise how much has happened that I have not shared here, perhaps too much!

The learning has been extensive and brought me back to a realisation about work/life balance. There are times when you need to preserve what works well, not spend time worrying too much about things you have no control over but invest your time only on things that can make a difference, to you or others.

During my break I have also taken time to revisit some lovely books that put things into perspective. One of my favourites just now was a present from my business partner, it is called 'Wink' by Roger Hamilton, and it is a parable about wealth beyond words.

Without giving away too much of the books' secrets, there is just one part that I do want to share as it links so perfectly with learning and is something that I feel I will be doing for a while as I reflect upon these last five months.

Think It
Ink It
Do It
Review It

I look forward to posting here again.


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