Saturday, May 03, 2008


The learning journey continues...

...this time with my son, James. Along with most 14 - 15 year olds here in the UK, it is time for many schools to get their work experience period underway.

James and I have been planning his for the last six months mainly so that he could take advantage of the opportunities that are being afforded me this May in Budapest and Berlin. His work experience school brochure states that work experience..

" an opportunity for students to carry out real work tasks on employers' premises and experience, as closely as possible, the hours, working conditions and disciplines they would encounter as employees"

Its aim is to
  • motivate students towards further education and training
  • teach students about the opportunties and realities of working life
  • allow students to apply the social skills they learn back at school

To help him along the way, we have set up a blog to record his thoughts and key learning online - many of my network have written comments to encourage him. Reflective practice is paramount and is emphasised in his school record book, asking particular questions like:

  1. What tasks did I do today?
  2. What were the skills that I used in these tasks?
  3. What did I learn today that was new?

Perhaps those of us in work (some for many years) would also benefit from such reflection.

Keep up to date with James' own learning journey and please feel free to post comments and words of encouragement too, click here for James' blog.


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