Monday, May 04, 2009


The learning journey continues...

It is so easy to get completely swamped with work things that time off (for good behaviour) eludes even the most disciplined of us. This weekend and Bank Holiday has been a lovely reminder of how precious time off with the family and friends actually is.

Amidst the (very) long list of things "to do" was a small note, hidden away reminding me to 'down-tools' for a short period of time and do something that didn't involve work.

Oh what a joy to pull weeds (no I am not joking) and plant lovely colourful flowers, even though the threat of rain has been around all day.

Oh what joy to watch young daughter 'perform' at a Parish 'fayre' with her drama group and revel in the fact that it was all so well received.

Oh what joy it will be tomorrow (Tuesday) to go off with son to attend Harry Potter auditions (fingers crossed), he has already been in one film, so maybe, just maybe, he will be in another!

During the current challenging work climate, all around find themselves scrabbling to secure new work and whilst important (to live), the downtime it affords us to open our eyes and spend a little more time doing things much closer to home is a bonus.

I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the working week again with a renewed energy from taking time out to stop and look and listen to what I am already very rich in - family!

Have a good week all of you.

The POL Group

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