Saturday, February 27, 2010


The learning journey continues...

...and so it does following my recent business trip to Antalya in Turkey, where I stayed in what must be the most extraordinary concept hotel - ever!

Really a 'couples' hotel, the Adam & Eve, was chosen by my fellow European project partners as a welcome change from the norm, and this it was.

Outside walls lined in astro turf, inside all white and mirrors, a bar the length of a football pitch and black dark corridors leading to your room. The concept being that you leave your negative vibes outside your white mirrored room. Of course, as you enter the room, you have the choice to impose whatever mood you like and change the colour accordingly. From black to white, to red, green, blue and pink!

Needless to say, having a jacuzzi in a totally red room with all the bubble flying everywhere was a surreal experience.

Given that the nature of the European project is about quality and excellence of management, it would be good to question, was all of this 'luxury' high quality? After all, what is quality and of value to one person might not be so for the next, and is it sustainable?

I have to admit, that after just three nights, I felt that was enough of the multi-colour rainbow experience and longed for normality (and a good old B&B again).

What did I learn?

Well we were all much more creative and I learned not to put a whole bottle of bubble bath into the jacuzzi!


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