Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The learning journey continues...

Just received this from a dear work colleague who clearly appreciates our differences and our strengths in working together.

“Why can creative teams achieve more together than they can separately? …
  1. Great creative teams are diverse. They are composed of very different sorts of people with different but complementary talents. ..
  2. Creative teams are dynamic. Diversity of talents is important, but it is not enough. Different ways of thinking can be an obstacle to creativity. Creative teams find ways of using their differences as strengths, not weaknesses. They have a process through which their strengths are complementary and compensate for each other’s weaknesses too. They are able to challenge each other as equals, and to take criticism as an incentive to raise their game.
  3. Creative teams are distinct. There’s a big difference between a great team and a committee. Most committees do routine work and have members who are theoretically interchangeable with other people … Creative teams have a distinct personality and come together to do something specific … “
Robinson, K. (2009) The Element London Penguin

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