Friday, March 18, 2011


My VO learning journey continues...

So, now I have announced to the world that I intend to make a 'go' of my voice over work, it seems the pace has hotted up a bit.  During what has been an amazingly busy week with my learning and development work, I found some time to listen to some wonderful webcasts from the VO Ninja himself, Kevin Delaney and his awesome interviews with casting producers such as Steve Reisberg and Ilko Drozdoski from the TGMD Agency in Hollywood.

No, I am not thinking of emigrating however a trip there WOULD be nice at some point.  Picked up some really cool tips about how to audition and produce a showreel that stands out so now the challenge is to do something with what I have learned.

This week I have also found myself a wonderful new voice coach who has complimentary (yet quite different) skills to my existing voice coach and dear friend, Fergus McLelland, who is just the most amazing recording VO artist, ever (and his live speaking performances are just so powerful).

My first visit with my new 'guy' takes place next week and will write more after this which is to see if we can work together.  I really hope we can as I am looking for him to use his background and experience to bring out the 'characters' that lurk inside of me - an absolute must if I want to progress at some point in the future from just straight corporate reads.

More next week!


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