Friday, March 11, 2011


The VO learning journey continues...

...Something I have discovered during the last 9 years of working for myself is that I love diversity.  During this time I have done many things in many different places here in the UK, across the rest of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  None of this would have been possible, had I not taken the chance to work for myself. It also appears that along the way, I have adopted quite a few different personas depending on the work role, these have included:

  • Formal educator (aka Senior University Lecturer)
  • Instructional Designer
  • Trainer
  • Facilitator
  • Learning Specialist Adviser
  • Conference Key Note Speaker & Chair
  • Career Coach
  • Professional Supervisor
  • Mentor
  • Quality Assessor

and now.... VOICE OVER ARTIST!

I have long harboured the dream of becoming an musical performer and actor, but as someone who cannot sing a note, felt it was beyond my reach - if I had known then what I know now (as demonstrated on X Factor), I could have simply used microphone technology and software to alter my dreadful singing voice.  Whereas I cannot sing, I can certainly speak and now am splitting my personality even further by exploring and expanding the Voice Over side of my business interests.

To reflect these changes, this blog will now focus exclusively on my journey into the world of the voice-over (VO) artist, whilst my other business developments will feature on my LearningVoice Blog.

A new VO website is planned and some new recordings will soon be in production - so listen up and enjoy my split personality.



netdurga said...

Looking forward to hearing about your voice-over adventures, Jozefa! Will this become the destination site for those who want to break into the industry? I'd be interested to know how much money you can realistically make from voiceover, what experience/skills/attributes you need, how to get your first gig etc. Is it something you can do from home? What if you have a regional accent? Where are the opportunities?

I'll keep an eye on this blog for Tweet potential!

Józefa Fawcett said...

Hiya Jakki, thanks for the first comment, hope I can bring some good links here to the people that I am following and learning from so as to improve the quality of what I offer. The really TOP VO's might earn the money, but for the majority, it is a hard slog for it to be a sizeable income, unless you are the 'voice of the balls' for the Lottery or X-Factor.

I have invested in coaching over the years, got a fair bit of low-key experience and purchased some really professional equipment so just need to get the last 'frog' from my throat following this infection and then I will be ready to start recording again, here in my sound booth at home.

Keep reading about my journey and thanks for being first.